I And Others

There has to be a somewhere… (with Jason Sciarrone) (2016)


Solace (2013)


Earth Ethereal (2010)


Kowtow Down Now (2006)


I And Others (2005)


fin (2004)


dear mod… (2003)


Island Of Triangles (2002)


Straight Nasties (2001)


Fort Collins, Paris, New York (with Daryl Waits) (1999)


Music and Sound Design

Modern Orchestral works:


Composed this soundtrack for The Seattle Great Wheel:


Music from the album “Earth Ethereal” used for a coffee shop commercial:


Film and Video Games:


Design and Score for upcoming film trailer:


Music credits in the award-winning documentary, We Invent You:


Composed this soundtrack for Health Leadership International, a documentary:



Soundtracks for upcoming iOS video games: