Hello, and welcome to Acknowledge Music. I’m Adam King, and I’m a Video Producer, Music Composer and Audio Engineer based in the Seattle, WA area. I hope you enjoy watching and listening.


I created this intro from scratch using Adobe After Effects. I also crafted the sound design. We used a version of this as an intro to all published videos.

I And Others


A Secret History of Our Future (2019)


There has to be a somewhere… (with Jason Sciarrone) (2016)


Solace (2013)


Earth Ethereal (2010)


Kowtow Down Now (2006)


I And Others (2005)


fin (2004)


dear mod… (2003)


Island Of Triangles (2002)


Straight Nasties (2001)


Fort Collins, Paris, New York (with Daryl Waits) (1999)